8 Feb 2009

Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Here we go again. Or maybe not. After announcing an Afro Samurai sequel middle of last year, fans have been eagerly anticipating another over-the-top slashfest by the bad mutherfucker Afro in the movie sequel, Afro Samurai: Resurrection! But after seeing this sequel, I’m guessing those fans will just be better off watching again the original 5 episodes of Afro Samurai instead. The animation for this movie, like the original 5 episode series, is still excellent and top-notch. The big problem...

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27 Jan 2009

Ga-Rei Zero

Forgive me if this review is gonna be full of spoilers but I don’t think there’s any other way to review this anime if I don’t give some of the plot away. First off, I did a preview of this back in October of last year during its initial episode. I initially gave that episode a rating of 7/10 due to its cliff-hanger ending. If it weren’t for that ending, I wouldn’t have continued watching the rest of the series...

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3 Jan 2009

Kemeko DX

Last October, I did a little preview of some of the new anime that came out during that month. One of those anime, Kemeko DX has just finished airing its last episode and below is my full review. Just like a good, fun party with old friends, it was over before you know it. Kemeko DX ran for only 12 episodes but I have a feeling there’ll be a 2nd season since the anime didn’t really give a satisfying conclusion...

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19 Dec 2008

Oneechanbara Movie

After watching this movie, I must say that it is exactly what I expected. A Japanese B-movie with a weak story, lackluster acting, lots of swordfighting and hot Japanese chicks. Its almost like they made a movie so they can showcase a bikini-wearing babe swinging a katana. But you can’t fault the producers of this movie for that ‘cos they based this movie on a video game. And that is exactly what you have here. Lots of zombies to kill...

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14 Oct 2008

Oct ’08 Anime Previews

Since Macross Frontier and Code Geass R2 has ended a while ago, I was looking for new anime to watch and fortunately, there was a lot of new anime that started their seasons this October. It’s still too early to say which anime is highly recommended or not since most of them are still in their early episodes but having watched some of these early episodes, I’ll just give you a short review of what to expect for each series....

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