23 Apr 2009

Magna Carta Group Cosplay

Some of the best cosplayers in the Philippine cosplay scene recently had a group cosplay photoshoot of Magna Carta characters. Magna Carta is a PS2 RPG with some very interesting character designs. I have to admit that I did play this game before and like almost all the RPGs I played on the PS2, I never finished it. 🙁 The only RPG that I did finish on the PS2 was Final Fantasy X. After that, I just play RPGs ‘cos...

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25 Mar 2009

Free Evangelion Puzzle Game for iPhone/ iPod Touch

Appliya Inc., a leading publisher of Japanese mobile applications, is proud to announce iPhone and iPod Touch users can now enjoy a “lite” version of the entertaining Evangelion Puzzle game for free, and with no advertisements! Evangelion Puzzle Lite is the latest entry in Appliya’s Evangelion application series, and it utilizes imagery taken directly from the Rebuild of Evangelion anime movies. Users of the Lite version can enjoy sliding tile puzzles featuring Eva Unit 01, but the full version offers...

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5 Mar 2009

E-Games launches ZX Online on March 8

E-Games will be launching the commercial phase of ZX Online this coming March 8 at Robinsons Place Manila. On hand to grace the event will be popular cosplayer/ gamer Alodia and her sister Ashley Gosiengfiao. Source: E-Games via Mike Abundo: Cosplay princess Alodia Gosiengfiao and her sister will also make an appearance as ZX Online’s official endorsers, donning the costumes of the game’s prominent characters: Biyao and Lu XueQui. The Gosiengfiao sisters represent two factions—Dark and Light—of which gamers are...

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3 Feb 2009

LaMB Online Games

True to its marketing strategy of releasing LaMB in 3 mediums (TV, Online and Mobile), Animax is presenting 3 free online games with a fourth one coming soon. You can play the LaMB games at

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26 Nov 2008

Ar Tonelico Innuendo Video

I haven’t posted any Game-related posts lately, most probably ‘cos I lost interest in playing any games since the start of the year but after seeing this vid link posted at, I knew I just had to post it here, too. ahahahahaha! XD BTW, the game is Ar Tonelico which is available only on the PS2. =p Source: GameTrailers via

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