Rhianna Floresca is the New Animax Ani-Mate
10 Dec 2012

Rhianna Floresca is the New Animax Ani-Mate

Rhianna Floresca bested 6 other candidates to win Animax’s Ani-Mate contest during the Animax Carnival held at Robinson’s Atrium mall.

Out of all the candidates, it seems Rhianna had the strongest following judging from a whole barangay of Rhianna well-wishers who went to the Animax Carnival wearing red t-shirts emblazoned with Rhianna’s name.

Every Ani-Mate finalist have what it takes to co-host Ani-Time with Alodia but in the end, the judges had to choose only one.

Rhianna’s reaction after the judges have announced that she’s the winner.

One of the judges congratulating Rhianna.

Alodia and Rhianna

Aside from the chance to co-host with Alodia on Animax, Rhianna also took home P25,000 cash and will become Animax’s representative at events.

Karen Bordador, Alodia and Rhianna.

Congratulations, Rhianna Floresca!

More Animax Carnival pics to follow!

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